Growing Up

When you are young everything is so simple. You are immature, don’t have a care in the world and have someone constantly looking after you, it is all so easy. No one realises it then with how much time you spend hating school, homework and the rules your parents make you follow but actually you have it really good. When still considered ‘a child’ you can feel like your parents are holding you captive and don’t really see how much they are trying to protect you and keep you safe. When you’re that young they don’t want you to grow up or have anyone hurt you, but don’t be in too much of a hurry to pack up and move out because everyone misses it and if they say they don’t they’re lying.

Once children start getting the independence they have always craved it seems magical and they do whatever they want. When left home alone you turn the music up loud or eat all the food in the fridge, do it for too long though and the magical feeling wears off which is when you start missing those who took care of you. Many said when they were younger they hated going to school every day, it would fill them with dread at the time but when they look back on it those days are brilliant compared to how they’re living now. Childhood is something that shouldn’t be wasted and that’s the thing, it can’t be wasted because no matter what you do it will be remembered as being brilliant. The days that are spent yearning to be older, dying to drive for the first time or have a drink; but it is the time leading up to it which you don’t realise is the best.

Growing up is a physical thing, getting bigger and stronger into a full adult. There is of course the other sense of growing up, the maturing and knowing how to act in everyday life. There are many people that I have come across in life who I have thought still act like children, people who have been on this earth for many more years than I have and they act like they are still going through puberty. I’m not saying that I know everything and how I act is the right way to act, but you learn as you grow up what you should and shouldn’t do. Most of how you act when you’re older is down to your experiences in life, how you grew up and got to where you are now. It is all part of a process and the actions may vary but the joys of growing into an adult stay the same.

Independence is what you get after the childhood which you thought you hated. Remember the days when choosing what colour crayon to use on your drawing was the most difficult decision in life? Because the next time you see it you will be watching your own child make the same decision, watching them grow up in front of you. Running your life is more difficult than believed when being a child, there are no parents to hold your hand, make sure you don’t hurt yourself or pay for you, when you are older it is all you and no one else.

Adulthood may be difficult but it can be just as fun as childhood. The world is yours if you choose to harness it in the right way, there is no one stopping you, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Go travelling, eat ice cream at midnight, be there for your friend at four o’clock in the morning, and decorate your bedroom the way you want to.  Here is the cheesy bit though, growing up is the journey that makes you the adult you are born to be. Some of us wish our lives away and others never want to grow up, the biggest choice life leaves us with is how we live it, it is all part of growing up.


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