Making progress on something is one of my favourite things in life; you can look back on what you have done and see how far you have come over time. That is why I particularly love this blog, because I can look back and see how my writing has progressed since I began posting on here. I often read some of my old pieces and wonder how I can make such simple mistakes and how I ever thought that it sounded right originally, but that is how we learn.

As I have been slowly making progress on my story I have never felt more proud of myself for sticking with a particular piece for so long before. I wrote the plan over a year ago and I am still following it but as I move things on I have started to realise that not everything is working out the way I originally intended it. The story is progressing, the plot has begun to pick up and it took time for me to write it but we can’t become full time well paid writers straight away now can we? My point is that I am merely only a few thousand words in and I have noticed mistakes consistently throughout, my lack of detail frustrates me and my inconsistent character personalities even more so.

Writing is an art, it is something that has to be worked on, perfected to flow and feel natural. There is so much more that I want for my writing; a work shopping group, a mentor and an editor but all I have is me and a laptop to at least correct my grammar errors. I have one person who is particularly helpful in my writing, who points out those details I don’t notice myself. It makes me realise that what I have written originally just doesn’t make any sense. Everyone needs that, even the best writer in the world still needs a proof reader because you see what you want to see, what you have put down on the page sounds completely different in your head than how another would read it.

Progression is going back and reading the original drafts, showing the changes you made and how you have improved it into the new piece in front of you. Knowing how far you have come is a big confidence boost, it shows how you can always improve and you aren’t just stuck in one place. I am writing this post because I have hit a small bump in the road and although it is temporarily slowing me down a little I am not going to let it get me down. I have already put a plan in place to sort the problem out and progress onto the next stage of my writing. This is the perfect way for me to learn from my mistakes though, for me to realise that details are far more important than you can ever imagine. So if you ever think that you are getting nowhere, look back over what you have done in the past, see how much you have improved and think of the possibilities of the future.


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