Keeping your mind focussed on something in particular is not always the easiest thing in the world. Everyone knows the struggle; everyone knows the difficulties that we go through every day, we attempt one thing but let something else get in the way and stop us doing what we really should be doing. I could be really talking about procrastination because what person these days doesn’t procrastinate? I have certainly procrastinated plenty in my life, endlessly watching TV shows putting off my work for as long as I can, never realising that if I actually did my work I wouldn’t have to keep putting it off.

Distractions are something different; a distraction is something that diverts your attention from something else. I have been distracted from my writing so much over the past few weeks that there have been times I have wondered if I’m even going to continue with it. So much has been going on in my life I have been all over the place, never focusing on one thing for a long time but that shouldn’t be an excuse for me. Everyone is guilty of something like this, letting other things get in the way is just a natural part of life, something that we can’t help and getting around it is the real challenge.

I guess you could call distractions obstacles that we have to get over in life in order to get back on track. You have a path that you are following and something gets in the way, once you overcome it balance is restored. These distractions are a bigger part of your life than what you may think, if something happens you don’t necessarily have to let it affect you, such a large part of life is how you react to things sometimes you don’t even realise that what has happened is not so big after all. For example I moved house, I took a week off work to move everything and get it all sorted. It all was done very quickly compared to how long it might have taken if I would not have had any time off at all. I could have been distracted for an even longer period of time instead, unpacking boxes every evening for months rather than just everyday for a week.

A distraction should just be temporary because if you change your focus onto something else for too long a period of time it isn’t a distraction anymore, it is your new focus. That isn’t what I want to happen to me, I want to stick to this, I need to keep my mind on track and remind myself of what I want. This is my way of saying that I refuse to be distracted by the changes in my life anymore, I am settled into a new life and ready for it to inspire me to write in new ways. I know what I will focus on and won’t let anything distract me.


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