Things were going really well… 

​Things were going really well, I finally felt like I was getting somewhere with my writing and making progress, however I overestimated myself. I don’t want to come up with excuses but with how much I do in my life I have been struggling to keep up with everything. Up until a few days ago I was managing to post every day without fail, but by doing this I was giving up my lunch break at work and my evenings to make sure what I was writing was polished enough for others to see. Putting effort in is what matters to me, if you don’t put the effort in then you will never see a decent result. 

This post is for me to tell anyone who actually reads this that I am ashamed of myself, ashamed that I started a task I set myself which was initially going well and ultimately failed. I could say the excuses that I have like how I work 37 hours a week and run half of a business in my spare time too but is that even worth it? By writing this post I am wasting my time, but I am trying to convince anyone that reads this not to give up on me and especially for me not to give up on myself. 

I have a plan. I still have the prompts which have built up now so when I get the time to write them that is what I will do, meaning I have no excuses of what I can write about next. I also have the next parts of my common fiction writing mistakes to post as well as to finally post part eleven of the novel project. So I have plenty to do and no excuses when it comes to content, it is just time again since it is such a busy period for me. 

I am determined not to go any longer than a week from now on without posting. Once a week is the minimum for me, but hopefully that also means that the quality of my writing will improve because I can then spend more time on it and polish it to the way I want. Stay tuned for further posts from me because I am adamant that I am not going to give up with this.


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