Failure and Success

One of the toughest challenges that you can face in life is getting back up from being knocked down. A particular quote that has always stuck with me is: ‘Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.’ Yes, it is from Batman however that does not take away from the meaning of it. It has various meanings, the depth of it is brilliant, something that you can tell your child to encourage them to learn from their mistakes. As you grow there are many opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them and that is the best way for anyone to learn something.

Recently I have taken a couple of falls, situations that have made me feel particularly low and with no motivation to pick myself up again. More than anything I just wanted to wallow, I wanted to feel sorry for myself and not to try again because I couldn’t face the failure, but as so many people told me; that isn’t how you deal with it.

‘Keep moving forward’ is another quote that has stuck with me, it may be from the B-list Disney movie ‘Meet the Robinsons’ but nonetheless it is a quote that I am reminded of in certain times. Failure is something that everyone encounters, not everything goes right all the time and we all have different ways of dealing with it. I used to grab a bottle of wine and watch a sad film but what did that get me? A hangover yes, but nothing of benefit, nothing that made me think that my choice was a good idea so why do it? You have to keep moving forward, you have to not let something stop you with your aim and continue no matter what.

Failure could be considered just a state of mind, you’re not failing you’re just learning what not to do. I once learnt 3 ways not to feed a cat and 2 ways not to use a treadmill and I am still using that knowledge today, valuable lessons you can only teach yourself. Failure is just getting you one step closer to success, everything takes time and learning is the best way forward.

I spent months telling myself that I was better than what I was doing, that I can do so much more so I made my decision of what I wanted to do. I was fed up with people telling me that I am young and I have plenty of time to do what I want, but why let someone tell you what you can and can’t do? I want to reach my full potential and I don’t want anyone telling me otherwise, no one should accept that. I used all of this to move onto my success. I finally managed to progress and take the step forward in the direction that I wanted to, it made me incredibly happy and proud to know that all my hard work had finally paid off.

Using failure to your advantage is the best thing that you can do in life. Let my ironic Batman quote inspire you, my cheesy Disney quote motivate you and the story of my success to encourage you to continue with whatever it is you do. I know that I’m no best-selling author or popular blogger but I want to do my best to help others to not give up on what they want to do. The more that you try, the more likely you are to succeed, don’t give up on anything without giving it 200% because if you don’t give everything that you’ve got then you will never know what you were capable of and how far you could go. Use failure to move forward and get to where you want to be!


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