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It has been a while since I have been around fellow writers, since I have had other people around me to encourage and help me with my writing. Since I left university this is something that I have missed, having others to bounce ideas off and motivate to continue with what you enjoy. Every now and then I get a burst of determination, I will write away every night and try and perfect what I have created but it never lasts long and life gets in the way. I’m sure this is the same for plenty of other writers too which is why I think that it is best for you to have others who are interested in the same things as you.

Due to my current lack in motivation I have taken a step which I hope is going to help me in not only my writing but my life in general too. I have joined a creative writing club where I work, a small group of individuals who all have different interests yet have the common hobby of writing. I loved our first meeting, we simply got to know each other and what we all do as well as what kind of writing we do. It was so interesting meeting new people who share that same hobby, being able to chat to people who each have the same difficulties in their writing as you have, helping you realise that you aren’t alone and it happens to everyone.

Going to this group made me realise how much I enjoy meeting new people, how much I enjoy learning about the character that they are and using those real-life details in your writing. Our group was very mixed, people from everywhere and all different ages sat around talking about writing. I was intrigued to ask more questions, to get to know these other writers and what it is that they like about the hobby. They shared their experiences as I shared mine and it made me miss feeling like you are part of something. I left feeling like I had achieved something, I had taken my first step into this new group and now hope that it will give me the motivation and kick that I need to write more from now on.

I hope that over the next few months I can post what I write within this club and feel proud of what it is. We have already been set our first task and it is interesting. It is only a short piece, 250 words, but sometimes I find those more difficult to fit in everything that I want to cover. I am intrigued to see what I come out with since it is on a subject I don’t know much about nor have ever written about. But there is a first time for everything and getting out of your comfort zone can be a good way to learn! If anyone else has stories they want to share or comments I am more than happy to read them!


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