Ice Try

There I stood cold and shivering,

Not long until I could feel my knees quivering.

The air around me fresh and chilling,

My frozen stance made me even more willing.


Determined and ready I took my stance,

Knowing this was my only chance.

I pushed off fast and started to slide

The ice so smooth it was easy to glide.


Faster and faster I picked up speed,

If I was racing now I was sure I would lead.

I started to feel a burn in my chest,

This practice was bound to make me the best.


Perfecting the skill means you must wait,

So every day I endlessly skate.

Over and over and faster and faster,

Again and again until I will master


Sport has always been my strong skill,

Often because I can never stand still.

I’m always moving, up and about.

“Where you going?” I hear my trainer shout.


Lost in my thoughts I return to the rink,

I’m going much faster than I think.

I need to stop or at least slow down,

My trainers face nothing more than a frown.


Quickly I turned and came to a halt,

Straightaway I knew I was sadly at fault.

“Your face was glazed, what were you thinking?”

I hated being scolded, my stomach was sinking.


Everyday it happens, my mind always wanders

My trainer can tell from my countless blunders

He says if I focus I could be greater.

One day I will be World Champion Speed Skater.



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